Asd Music (last updated 2001-1-22)


Asd Music is meant to be a fully distributed jukebox program written mainly in java where the repository, the player and the console can sit on three different machines.

The playing is done using JMF, the indexing, through a simple free mp3 library (proper credit will be shown once things are a little more sorted out) and HyperSonicSQL is used as the embedded database engine.

What it does currently

There's a fully functional alpha release that currently indexes multiple directories with mp3 files by author, album and titles. It also supports automatic discovery of other machines running Asd Music on a LAN. To add files simply go to the management tab under the repository tab and add different paths to the repository. Currently, the only way to access files on other repositories is through a URL connection so if you want to do this, you need to provide the URL prefix to the location you're adding. Note that under Windows, UNC names (//machine/shared_directory) work just fine.

The Wishlist

Downloading Asd Music

You can always build it from the source. There are also simple installers built using the free version of InstallAnywhere available here. They are released from time to time. There won't be version numbers until the project gets into a more mature state.

Helping with the project

If you want to help with the development of Asd Music, send an email to

If you download the software, feel free to email any bugs, suggestion on how to improve the UI, request for features, etc... The only way the usability will improve is by correcting and addressing every tiny little usability issue that comes up. They'll be added to the wishlist as they are received.


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